Monday, February 8, 2016

Concatenate Two Fields in Microsoft CRM 2015

This is a combination of the account name and the phone number our CRM Administrator decides this is a perfect opportunity to use the calculated attributes function found in CRM 2015.
  • She therefore will start off by opening a solution set and create a new attribute called ACCOUNT ID to retain the calculated information.
  • She defines the attribute as a single line of text.
  • The field type is defined as calculated.
  • The Format as Text
  • Click on Save
  • The click on the Edit button to the left of the field type
  •  This will open the calculated field dialog boxConCat-Pic2
  • Since this is straight forward implementation there is no reason to configure the condition, (in this case all records when created will require a unique ID).
  • Using the Concat() function in CRM Action section, she can define the formula.  Please note member attributes require a (,) comma to separate them within the function.  If you are going to add a literal then it must be defined with double(“) quotes.
For example: Concat(attribute1, “-“, attribute2)
Notice a comma separates each of the attributes or literal in the expression.
Our example the expression would look as follows:
  • Click on the check icon in the lower right corner of the expression to check for accuracy, (if the function is incorrect the application will throw an error message).
  • Click on Save and close.
  • Save the attribute and close.
  • Place the attribute on the form
  • Click on save
  • Click on publish
  • Close the form.


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