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Dynamics CRM Integration & Cloud Architect

Having worked a lot with Dynamics CRM/365 over the last few years I thought it would be interesting to discuss a common use case and some of the architecture patterns you may consider to implement the solution. Lets imagine a scenario where the business requirement is as follows: The user will be updating a customers record in Dynamics 365 When the user saves the change we need the change to be synchronised with the billing system Now at this point I am going to deliberately ignore flushing out these requirements too much. Any experiences integration person will now be thinking of a number of functional and non-functional questions they would want to get more information about, but the above is the typical first requirement. We will use this vagueness to allow us to explore some of the considerations when we look at the options that are available to solve the problem. One thing to note is I am going to consider this to be a 1 way interface for this discussion. Option 1 – CR