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Difference between Early Binding vs Late Binding

Early Binding // To access Contact entity directly in your code you need to include to include helper class in your solution Advantage In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, 2013 & 2011 Software Development Kit contains with a tool (CrmSvcUtil) which can automatically generate helper classes to make it easier to work with your CRM entities and their attributes. You can also generate helper class from MS Visual Studio (greater than 2010 version) if you install CRM SDK Developer tool kit package and connect to CRM organization then generate wrapper class. This provides  type checking at compile time , which eliminates the chance of running into  InvalidCastExceptions during execution of your custom code. It also lets developers take advantage of  intellisense  by suggesting names for entities, attributes, and relationships. This can speed up development time by removing the risk of spelling mistakes. Disadvantage Every time you make a customization change in your system, you wil