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The difference between MS Dynamics 365 and MS Dynamics CRM

In this article I’ll try to answer the following questions: What is MS Dynamics CRM? What is MS Dynamics 365? What is the main difference between these two products? What is MS Dynamics CRM, and where it’s gone? CRM means Customer Relationship Management, and it has 3 main components:: Sales  force automation (customer tracking from lead to client through classic sales cycle, KPI and sales effectiveness evaluation, display clients on the map) Service  automation  (focus on customer service, customer support through different channels, call indicators tracking, call resolution) Marketing  Automation (marketing campaigns, marketing emails automation, social media posting) MS Dynamics CRM also had this 3 classic components. What is MS Dynamics 365? On November 1 st , 2016 Microsoft introduced a new product based on MS Dynamics CRM, and named it MS Dynamics 365. New product consists of 7 components and has extended functionality comparing to any other/previou