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Rename and Delete business units

CRM 2011/2013 allows you to rename and delete business units, this can be very useful if you have spelt something incorrectly. To rename a business unitSettings –> Administration –> business /units click on the business unit you want, change the display name and press save You can also delete a business but you must have one business unit. to delete one of the child business units you go to business units Settings –> Administration –> business units click on the business unit you want to delete. First you must disable the business unit by going Actions –> disable you will then be able to delete the business unit

Plug-in stages

Pre validation Registered Plug-in run before the form is validated Useful if you want to implement business logic before the actual validation starts.  i.e., Changes made in plug-in won’t be saved if the validation of the main system plugins complain because the changes are outside the database transaction. Ex – Some “delete” plug-ins. Deletion cascades happen prior to pre-operation, therefore if you need any information about the child records, the delete plugin must be pre-validation. Pre -operation After validation and before the values are saved to the database Post operation Plugin will run after the values have been inserted/changed on the database Example: If and “update” plug-in should update the same record, it is best practice to use the pre-operation stage and modify the properties. That way the plug-in update is done within same DB transaction without needing additional web service update call. Database Transactions in Plug-Ins Plug-ins may