Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Calculated Fields in CRM 2015

  • Calculated fields are always performed in real time

  • Calculated fields are always read only

  • Calculated field values are not stored in the MS CRM DB. Instead, a MS SQL function is called in order to perform the calculation and then present the result in a form, view or chart

  • Calculated fields can use data from the same entity or any other related entity. They can only span a maximum of 2 entities

  • Calculated fields cannot be used to trigger events such a workflow or plugins

  • Calculated fields can be used within another calculated field, however you can only have a maximum of 5 chained fields to help mitigate against any potential performance issues

  • If the calculate field results is over 4000 characters, the data will be truncated with no indication made to the user.

  • Calculated fields will not work in offline mode

  • Circular references are prohibited so therefore you cannot reference the same calculated field within the calculation (i.e. within the action section of the calculated field properties)

  • Saved queries, charts and visualizations can only have a maximum of 10 calculated fields

  • You can only sort a view if the calculate field uses fields from within the same entity. If the calculated field used fields from a parental entity, you will be unable to sort on the calculated field.

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