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Extracting attachments from an incoming email, create case, and add attachments to as notes

Problem One of my client's using Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update had a requirements to create Case (renamed to Enquiry) records when an email arrives to their info@*****.com mailbox. Using OOTB Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules feature a Case is created and the email is visible under Activities. Our client felt that the user experience wasn't great and the original Email was hard to find with all the other activities got created afterwards. Solution The solution was to extract the attachments from the email message and create notes against the Case record during the case creation process. Below are the steps used to implement the solution. Create a custom workflow activity to extract the attachments and create notes Create a workflow which includes the above custom workflow activity as a Step Create an Automatic Record Creation and Update Rule Specify Record Creation and Update Details which calls the workflow created in step 2 Implementation

Enabling Auditing to monitor User's Security Role changes

I got an call from a client who recently went live with a system we built. Some of their user's security roles were getting removed and they wanted to find out what's going on. Dynamics 365 (CRM) can record association and disassociation of security roles of a user as part of the OOTB Auditing capability. Here are the instructions I provided my client to resolve the issue. Enable Auditing First step is to make sure Auditing feature is still enabled as we have configured. Navigate to  Settings > Administration > System Settings Click  Auditing Tab Under Audit Settings, tick the  Start Auditing  checkbox If you would like to monitor user access, tick  Audit user access  checkbox as well. Click OK. Enable Auditing for Security Roles Next step is to make sure Auditing is enabled for Security Roles entity. Navigate to  Settings > Customizations > Customize the System New Window opens Expand Entities from the left pane Click on  Security Ro

Code Snippet for making all form fields read only

function makeFieldsReadOnly() {     var controls = Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get();     for (var i in controls) {         var control = controls[i];         if (control.getDisabled && control.setDisabled && !control.getDisabled()) {             control.setDisabled(true);         }     } }

Key Points for Editable Grid in Dynamic 365

Limitations of Editable Grid Before working with it, we need considering these notes for the limitation. For field Composite fields will not working in editable grid, such as address, full name fields. State, state code will not be effect to change directly from enable grid. Customer fields. Party list fields (often being used in activity of Crm). Fields from related entities Field Security. Field For form Fields are set read-only on the form are not effected to editable grid. Consideration of Editable Grid Xrm.Page is not worked on editable grids. OnRecordSelect, OnSave, OnChange events are support in editable grid. Nested grid does not work in web and tablet, only work for mobile client. Business rules is support for editable grid: Set field value Set business required Lock/Unclock field Set default value

Create a custom Grid in MS Dynamic CRM using Jquery DataTable

Sometime we need to show our data in table format. We should use Jquery DataTable to show the data in sub-grid (Table) format.  Copy the below code and paste this code in your editor. And change the code as per your need. Here i will create a DataTable of Case Entity. <html> <head>     <title>MS Dynamic CRM</title>        <script src="ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx" type="text/javascript"></script>   <link rel="stylesheet" href="">  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">  <script src=""> </script>  <script src="

Asynchronous Processes/Wrokflows Stuck in InProgress/Waiting status in MS Dynamic CRM

CRM developer/User once in a life faces the issue regarding Asynchronous Processes stuck in same status i.e. InPrgress/Waiting/Pausing/Canceling.You can see the system job status is not changing. The Reason- The main reason behind this issue  – Many jobs are in waiting status. Asyncoperationbase table become full due to many succeeded/canceled jobs occupied space. Asynchronous processes settings are not proper. The asynchronous workflows are not configured properly. Solution- The solution for this issue – Very first step is to restart the   Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service.  This might work in many cases. Many Jobs are in waiting status-> you can update the job status to canceled and completed by creating console application or from database- a. Create the console and use the script – b. Using Database Query- Note- You should create restore(Checkpoint) point first before working on database directly to rollback changes if needed. You can