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Squash commits into one with Git

In Git you can merge several commits into one with the powerful interactive rebase . It's a handy tool I use quite often; I usually tidy up my working space by grouping together several small intermediate commits into a single lump to push upstream. Step 1: choose your starting commit The first thing to do is to invoke git to start an interactive rebase session: git rebase --interactive HEAD~N Or, shorter: git rebase -i HEAD~N where N is the number of commits you want to join, starting from the most recent one . For example, this is a hypothetical list of commits taken from the git log command, while I'm working on a generic feature Z: 871adf OK, feature Z is fully implemented --- newer commit 0c3317 Whoops, not yet... 87871a I'm ready! 643d0e Code cleanup afb581 Fix this and that 4e9baa Cool implementation d94e78 Prepare the workbench for feature Z 6394dc Feature Y --- older commit And this is what I would like to

Copy Data Wizard in Azure Data Factory

In this example, we are going to copy the themes.csv file from Rebrickable into a blob container called lego in our Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 account. From the Azure Data Factory  Home  page, click  copy data : This opens the Copy Data Wizard. Let’s walk through each step! 1. Properties On the Properties page, give the pipeline a name and description. Keep the default “run once now” option: I chose the name  Lego_HTTP_to_ADLS_Themes . This tells me that I’m copying data from a website (HTTP) into Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS). This name makes sense in my head, but you need to find a naming convention that works for you :) Click  next  to move on to the Source properties. 2. Source On the Source page, we will first create a new linked service to Rebrickable, then create a new dataset to represent the themes.csv file. Click  create new connection : Search and select the  HTTP  Linked Service: Give the linked service a name and description, and use the base