Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Convert Plugin to Sandbox mode,

While working with Dynamics CRM Plugins, the thumb rule for Plugin Registration is:
  • If you are working with CRM On-Premise, use Plugin isolation mode as None.
  • If you are working with CRM Online, use Plugin isolation mode as Sandbox.
So, now the scenario is you are working on big implementation for CRM On Premise. Now your organization decides to move to CRM Online. The first task comes to mind is to move all the Plugins to Sandbox mode and see if they are still working considering running Plugin in sandbox comes with some limitations (such as you cannot access file system/registries/external assemblies/protocols/IP Addresses etc).

To convert the Plugin assemblies to Sandbox mode, one option is to open Plugin Registration tool and convert the assemblies one by one which is a tedious task. The other simple option is do this by Customization.xml file. Below are the steps how to do that.
  1. Create a solution with all Plugin assemblies or use existing solution if already available.
  2. Export the solution.
  3. Unzip the solution and extract all the files.
  4. Open Customization.xml file with notepad/Xml editor/Visual Studio.
  5. Look for IsolationMode tag.
  6. Update the IsolationMode property to for all the PluginsBasically the xml should look like below:<IsolationMode>2</IsolationMode>
  7. Save the Customization.xml file.
  8. Zip all the files back and import to CRM.
This way you can quickly sandbox your plugin or in other terms all the plugin would be converted/upgraded to Sandbox mode.       

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