Monday, January 13, 2020

How to Create a Cognitive Services APIs account in the Azure portal | Step by step setup

Steps to Create a Cognitive Services APIs account in the Azure portal4.pngSetting details
Step 1:-  First we need to create an azure account (free of cost|trial of 30 days), which i’m sure you can sign up for from here.
Once you created your account, sign into it from
It’ll look somewhat like this:-
Step 2:- Click new and search “cognitive services”
Click Create
Step 3:- Select details as below:
Select pricing tier as free(1st one)
Select Resource group as “create new” or select use existing if you already have one and click create.
Step 4:- Once created, it’ll be visible under all resources. Click on it to open it:
Step 5:- Copy API url and key details of your API
In above 5 steps, your azure cognitive service api setup is completed.
Copied url and accountid/key will be used going forward in creating a connection to azure cognitive service.

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