Friday, June 8, 2018

Key Points for Editable Grid in Dynamic 365

Limitations of Editable Grid

Before working with it, we need considering these notes for the limitation.
For field
  • Composite fields will not working in editable grid, such as address, full name fields.
  • State, state code will not be effect to change directly from enable grid.
  • Customer fields.
  • Party list fields (often being used in activity of Crm).
  • Fields from related entities
  • Field Security. Field
For form
Fields are set read-only on the form are not effected to editable grid.

Consideration of Editable Grid

  • Xrm.Page is not worked on editable grids.
  • OnRecordSelect, OnSave, OnChange events are support in editable grid.
  • Nested grid does not work in web and tablet, only work for mobile client.
  • Business rules is support for editable grid:
    • Set field value
    • Set business required
    • Lock/Unclock field
    • Set default value

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