Tuesday, April 24, 2018

IntelliSense in Jscript/TypeScript file – Dynamics 365

In this article, lets see how to configure intellisence with XRM syntaxes in your Jscript/TypeScript files.
To enable IntelliSence, you need to install xrm npm package to your Visual Studio.
Steps to install NPM package:
  • To install npm package, you need to download and install a Visual Studio extension : Package Installer
Intelli - 5
  • Post installation, from your Visual Studio, select ‘Quick Install Package’ from Menu
Intelli - 6
  • From the popup,
    • Select ‘npm’ in the dropdown
    • In the textbox, type ‘@types/xrm
    • Click on ‘Install’
Intelli - 7
  • Post package installation, refresh the project and you should see a new folder ‘node_modules
    • Note: If you dont get the ‘node_modules’ folder, check your project’s physical location and add the folder to your Visual Studio project.
Intelli - 8
  • In above screen, ‘TypeScript’ is my project name and post above steps, I got the ‘node_modules’ project.
Enable IntelliSence in your Jscript/TypeScript file:
  • Open your script file
  • Drag and drop the ‘index.d.ts’ file from ‘node_modules’ folder on to your script file.
    • Alternatively you can also this syntax
      • /// <reference path=“../node_modules/@types/xrm/index.d.ts />
Intelli - 1
  • Start typing ‘Xrm’ and you should see the syntaxes.
  • Those who are wondering what is a npm, it is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language.
  • www.npmjs.com hosts thousands of free packages to download and use.

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