Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Formats a postal code & Sets a lookup field in Javascript

function formatPostalcode(pcode) {
    var regexObj = /^\s*([a-ceghj-npr-tvxy]\d[a-ceghj-npr-tv-z])(\s)?(\d[a-ceghj-npr-tv-z]\d)\s*$/i
    if (regexObj.test(pcode)) {
        var parts = pcode.match(regexObj);
        var pc = parts[1] + " " + parts[3];
        return pc.toUpperCase();
    else {
        return pcode;

function SetLookup(fieldName, idValue, textValue, typeValue) {
    var value = new Array();
    value[0] = new Object();
    value[0].id = idValue;
    value[0].name = textValue;
    value[0].typename = typeValue;

    setDisabledField(fieldName, value);

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