Friday, July 15, 2016

Improving MS CRM Performance

Performance on MS CRM is always a crucial thing and we may follow different ways to achieve the performance thing. Below is the one more approach we can improve the performance bit more.
In IIS setting of a website where MS CRM is hosted, there we can change the Output Cache property. By changing this property to true, initially any entity record load may take bit time; later on it will open the records in much lesser time. This is quite a good approach to improve the performance.
Below screenshot explains where to change the output Cache settings

Open IIS, click on Microsoft Dynamics CRM site-> On Right side Panel click on Feature View-> Configuration Editor

(source of below description: MSDN)
What is omitVaryStart:
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the vary header is enabled.

true if the vary header is enabled; otherwise, false. The default is false.

The vary header indicates the request-header fields that the server uses to determine which of multiple cached responses are sent in response to a client request. The default for the OmitVaryStar property is false. By default, ASP.NET sends the vary header in all POST requests, as well as in all GET-request query strings. If the OmitVaryStar is true, ASP.NET omits the vary header when returning the response for cached pages, provided that the GET request to a response is cached with no VaryByCustom property and thePOST request to a response is cached with no VaryByParam property and no VaryByCustom property.

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