Friday, April 17, 2015

Import Organization Database Into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

You may need multiple CRM databases for security purposes, or if you are moving your database from one environment/organization to the other. This article shows how to import an organization database into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.
Step 1
Open Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager. You will see the existing organizations as in the following:
Step 2
Right-click on Organizations and choose the Import Organization option.
Step 3
Choose the SQL Server and Organization database name. Please note that this database is the CRM database that is to be imported. You can use the backup and restore options of SQL Server to restore this database to your environment and then run this wizard.
Step 4
Choose the Display Name and the Unique Database Name and click Next.
Step 5
You can choose to Automatically Map Users or Select Custom Mapping Options.
Step 6
You will get a list of options to choose the method for mapping users.
Step 7
System Check is performed and if all checks are okay, you can import the data.
Step 8
If all goes well, you will get the following results. There may be some issues with the Reporting Services installation and user account. You can change the user account to be the Network account and re-run this wizard.
If Reporting Services Extensions is not installed you will get the following error. Install it and re-run the wizard.
Step 9
Once all the system checks are cleared, you will get the Ready to Import dialog with details. Once you are satisfied with this, click on Import.
Step 10
The data is imported.
If there are no issues in the user mapping, you should see a success message as in the following, else the log file has the detailed error message.

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