Retrieve Cases associated with Contacts and Accounts in one go

I was working on some work and got a requirement to get Cases of linked with Account and Contact. 

In a normal scenario, we can always do two Calls like 

Cases where CustomerID = Account GUID and Cases where CustomerID = Contact GUID

Somehow, I didn't like this approach of making two calls. Spending sometime helped to reduce a call and I was able to retrieve Cases related to Account and Contact in one call.

Here is the FetchXML I have used and uitype plays a major role here.

<fetch version='1.0' output-format='xml-platform' mapping='logical' distinct='false'>
                                      <entity name='incident'>
                                        <attribute name='title' />
                                        <attribute name='ticketnumber' />
                                        <attribute name='createdon' />
                                        <attribute name='incidentid' />
                                        <attribute name='caseorigincode' />
                                        <order attribute='title' descending='false' />
                                        <filter type='and'>
                                          <condition attribute='customerid' operator='in'>
                                            <value uitype='account'>{ACCOUNT-GUID}</value>
                                            <value uitype='contact'>{Contact-GUID}</value>


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