Get files of last hour in Azure Data Factory

  Case I have a Data Factory pipeline that should run each hour and collect all new files added to the data lake since the last run. What is the best activity or do we need to write code? No scripts, no loops Solution The Copy Data Activity has a wildcard filter which allows you to read multi files (of the same type/format) at once. So no need for a ForEach Activity to process multiple files at once. Combine that with the start- and enddate filter option within that same Copy Data Activity and you can limit the files to a certain period. Date filter The End datetime property will be populated with the start-datetime of the current ADF pipeline. So files added during the run of the pipeline will be skipped and processed during the next run. This End datetime will also be stored afterwards for the next run. The Start datetime will be retrieved from a database table. The previous run of the pipeline stored its End datetime as the Start datetime for the next run. The basic setup 1) Table a