Overcome MS Dynamics CRM Slowness and Optimization of Performance in Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016

Here is a checklist which can help you identify and reduce the issues with your client performance:
  • Optimize Your Form Load Experience.
  • Keep less fields on the form.
  • Do not overuse scripts (Avoid OnLoad; Use OnChange since its on demand).
  • Trim the ribbon appropriately.
  • Be wary of client side enabled rules. 
  • Use collapsed sections whenever possible.
  • Use server side show/hide fields.
  • Use ‘read optimized’ forms.
  • Use iFrames carefully, the more you have longer it takes to load.
  • Use Sub-grids, where necessary as it tend to increase page size quickly.
  • Manage the complexity and visualizations of dashboards.
Other than customization,
  • Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for Hardware
  • Power settings can affect performance
  • Proxy server settings
  • Configure Internet Explorer for optimal performance: Configuring client-side browser caching and Configuring simultaneous download sessions
  • Extraneous processes, applications, and add-ins
  • Internet Explorer zoom setting


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